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The Same Poodles Who Stained the Rug Claim They’re Housebroken Now, Want to Come Inside

Of course they’re calling it “Political Quackery!”  The last thing the Republicans want ANYONE to think about is how badly they screwed the pooch the last time they were in charge!

The National Republican Congressional Committee all but accused the Democratic National Committee of ‘political quackery’ Wednesday, as the DNC rolled out a new campaign that seeks to tie the Republican Party to the Tea Party movement in advance of the upcoming midterm elections.

The DNC initiative includes a ten-point agenda which national Democrats say will be the GOP’s governing agenda should Republicans win back the majority in November along with a new web video.

No telling how well it will work.  I recall during the ’92 election, the Republicans ran an ad with Slim Whitman singing “I Remember You” as they showed images of gas lines and other bad stuff that happened when Carter was president, as if that meant the same bad things would happen if Clinton won.

But still… the SAME POODLES who CRAPPED ON THE CARPET have PROMISED they have changed their ways.  They’re HOUSEBROKEN now.  Can they PLEASE come back into the house?  PLEASE?

Of course, it provides fodder for the MSM to flog this “Democwats are in TWUBBLE” meme.  But if folks will vote with their brains instead of their misplaced anger, they will REMEMBER who CAUSED this mess in the first place and NOT let the poodles back in!