My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Undercover Trucker

Billy Big Rig is, perhaps, the most famous man in the world that nobody ever heard of.  A disgraced, alcoholic, former truck driver, Billy claims to be single-handedly responsible for winning America’s “War on Terror.”  And along the way, he dispenses valuable advice on how to deal with cops, how to behave in a truck stop restaurant, proper etiquette for a public men’s room, and his views on sexual orientation.  In addition to his adventures in Afghanistan, you’ll read about his childhood, his brief time in the Navy, and how he personally killed Saddam Hussein.

There’s no real strong language here, but a LOT of innuendo, double entendres and suggestions.  I would call it a PG-13 sort of book.

From the dust jacket:

Billy Big Rig has lived his life on The Killer Road. His many adventures (and marriages) have left him bruised, scarred, but unbroken. In 2000 as a disgraced alcoholic 18-wheel driver, Billy redeemed himself by saving America. He did this by infiltrating an Al Qaeda cell in prison and traveling with them to Afghanistan in the days leading up to 9/11. Then, if he is to be believed, he nearly single-handedly won the war, killed Saddam Hussein, took care of Osama bin Laden and had a fist fight with Bill Clinton. For obvious reasons his real identity can never be revealed. His life remains in constant danger. But he tells his story for the first time in this hilarious first-hand account. Along the way, you’ll learn about his unique upbringing, his politically-incorrect philosophy, and how to survive when EVERYONE wants to kill you!

If I may say so myself, this might be the funniest, most irreverent and politically incorrect thing I’ve ever written.

Undercover Trucker is available as a $25 304-page paperback from Lulu.  They also have a $5 PDF download available.

The paperback is also available at Amazon.  And they have a $5 Kindle version as well.

“Blink, blink, flash, flash and all that other trucker trash!”


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