My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Hunky Dunk

This is my favorite piece of fiction.  I wrote it at the inspiration of my older brother, Jack, who died of cancer in 2008.  The book is dedicated to him, because he knew which parts were true and which were not.

From the dust jacket:

Mud and Jake Klemper were special boys. Their father knew how special they were although his constant browbeating did little to encourage their special gift. But he did instill them with one thing: The Klemper Pride. The boys would have lived their lives unknown and uncared about in Slope Oak, Iowa, if not for a little song Mud and Jake composed one hot afternoon. It became a monster hit. As a result of their success, the boys became international superstars. Through it all, they never really seemed to understand what was going on around them and they maintained their simple outlook on life — until it all became too much!

It’s a good, funny little book with some strong language and adult scenes.

You can find it as a 193-page paperback for $20 at Lulu.  Lulu also has it as a $5 PDF Download.

You can get it as a paperback at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million.  Amazon also has a Kindle version for $2.99.

Remember, “Everything is Hunky Dunk!”


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