My World of Parkinsonian Delights

End Times

Imagine the biblical “End Times” if the Bible had been written by Mel Brooks.

That’s the “spirit” behind this little two act play I wrote in 2003 with my late twin brother, Bob.

As foretold in biblical prophecy, the Rapture whisks away the “saved” in the blink of an eye.  This leaves a wondering human race — wondering.  A newspaper reporter’s mom is one of the folks “caught up in the clouds.”  As he investigates, the head of the UN is in the race for President of the United States of Europe, the new Pope (having murdered his predecessor) is working with him.  And a group of resistance fighters gets ready for the final battle.  Oh, and it’s hilarious.

Check it out for yourself.  The last segment of the book is a list of songs that Bob wrote in case we ever went “musical” with this thing.

It’s available as a $20 paperback and $5 PDF Download from Lulu.


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