My World of Parkinsonian Delights

About Parky Bill

My twin brother, Bob, and I came into the world together on January 4, 1955.  He left it without me on March 19, 2004.  Rotten bastard.

All my adult life, including two tours in the Navy, I’ve been a writer, an editor, a broadcaster, a DJ, a talk show host, a news director, a program director, a columnist and other journalistic kindsa stuff.  In between all that, I drove an 18-wheeler.  My life experiences have led to several books, all of which you can see (and PURCHASE) at Books O’Billy.

Here are some historic photos.

This is my junior year picture from high school.  In 1970, we moved from Clinton, Iowa to Center, North Dakota because Dad got a much better-paying job as head of maintenance at Minnkota Power.  I went from a town of 30,000 to a town of 619.  We ruled that high school!

This is me and Bob fishing in the Mississippi River near our home on the north side of Clinton, Iowa.  This is something we did practically every day during the summer.  That’s me standing with the glasses.

Bob and I were both starters on the Center High School Varsity Football team in 1972.  That’s me #63, Bob was #73.

Check out the clothes.  That’s me in the orange Nehru shirt, Bob in the white mock turtleneck.  That’s “Tyrone” in the middle.  This was taken in our front yard in 1969.

In 1994 we had a gathering at my Mom’s place in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.  We called it “Schmalfest”.  That’s my older brother, Jack, on the left.  He died in 2008.  That’s Bob’s wife Lori sitting on the right.  It was the last time all seven of Mom’s kids gathered in a single location.

Here I am, enjoying a rum and coke at Bob and Sharon’s apartment in Jacksonville Beach, Florida during a 1974 visit.

Now, I’m not sure which of us is which, but that’s me and Bob with my mother’s mother, Maria Hanger, in April 1955.  This was taken in the Hanger’s back yard.  “Oma” died in 1984, my grandfather, “Opa” died at the age of 94 in 1995.  My Dad’s dad died in 1945, so I never knew him.  My Granny Schmalfeldt died in 1988 at the age of 97.

This would be me with my oldest son, Peter and oldest daughter, Kendra, after we all sorta found each other back in 1995.  I’m still in more-or-less touch with Peter.  I never hear from Kendra any more, but she has two kids — Gavin and Kaleb.

This is me and my daughter Nina, the oldest from my second marriage, when we lived in Japan in 1985.

Here’s me and Gail, getting married in the Clark County, Wisconsin, courthouse on November 11, 1989.  We met in 1988 and have been together ever since.  She is the love of my life.

This is my dad and his family.  From left to right, my Great Aunt, Mae Sherman, Dad, my cousin Alice, (I don’t know who the little girl is) Granny Schmalfeldt and my Uncle Bob.  This was taken in 1937.

Here’s Peter, Me and my Uncle Bob in 1998.  Uncle Bob died the same day my sister Cindi did, Nov. 4, 2009.

My Mommy and Me in 1976.  I had hair then.

Me and the Old Man back in 1981.  I had just gotten back into the Navy and had a martini waiting for Dad when he got home from work, which is what he is so happy about.

John M. Schmalfeldt (1928-1983) and his mother, Genevieve Munko Schmalfeldt (1891-1988).  Two truly great folks!

This is me on my last day in the Navy, Oct. 4, 1985.  That’s my second wife, Janina.  That watermelon in her tummy is my son, Billy.

Granny Schmalfeldt holding Peter in 1978.  She was a wonderful woman who knew what a family bond was all about.  The woman broke her hip when she was in her late 80s.  IT HEALED!  She had all her wits about her until the day she died in 1988.

My sister, Cindi, holding Peter, also in 1978.

My Mom, sometime in her late high school years.  My Mommy was a BABE!

My boot camp picture in 1973.  By that winter, I was a hospital corpsman at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.  Had my pic taken with my best friend at a local shopping mall.

Now, some from the more recent past…

Here’s me with the first copy of my latest book, “No Doorway Wide Enough,” which you can ALSO purchase at Books O’Billy.  It tells the story of my Parkinson’s decade, my surgery in 2007, and gets you up to date through June.

This is Gail, My Mommy and Me during a recent trip to Milwaukee.  Mom has her troubles, but she’s still sharp as a whip and has that same sense of humor that rubbed off on MOST of her children.  These are my two favorite ladies.

My oldest son, Peter and his wife, Janet on vacation.  They live in Portland, Oregon.  That is not some strange sea creature they’ve captured.  It’s their dog, Lucy.

My son, Billy and my daughter, Nina in November 2008.  We’re PRETENDING to be happy.  🙂

And then, there’s the girlies, Raven and Shiloh.


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