My World of Parkinsonian Delights

What’s Gonna Hurt NEXT?

“What’s gonna hurt NEXT,” is a question I suppose I could start asking myself each night when I go to bed.  I remember being told that Parkinson’s disease was not a painful disease, and by and large it is not.  But then you get something like the “frozen shoulder” I had before physical therapy (which still hurts to move, but at least it ain’t frozen no more…).  And then, Friday I’m hobbling around on a right hip that felt like someone kicked me and gave me a hip pointer.

This morning, the hip is fine!  It’s my RIBS that hurt.  I must have been sleeping in some sort of scrunched up position last night because the ligaments connecting my ribs to my sternum are aching with each movement, and my right neurostimulator implanted under my collar bone is painful to touch.  AND, there’s a spot on the ulnar side of my right forearm that feels like I whacked an iron bar with my arm.

Ibuprofen is taking some of the edge off.  The Parkinson’s drugs?  They do nothing for the pain.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you…

Oh, wait.  Yes I am!

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