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President Obama? MAN UP!!!

Two words for President Obama this morning.  MAN UP!

This whole Sherrod situation at USDA is symptomatic of what is fundamentally wrong with the Obama White House.  The people around Obama, his advisers, are so pee-in-their-pants SCARED of what Glenn Beck is gonna say, what Bill O’Reilly is gonna say, what Rush Limbaugh is gonna say, what Sean Hannity is gonna say, and what the Aryan Beauty Queens on Fox News are gonna say that they ACT without THINKING!

“Eeeek!  A conservative hack named Breitbart who phonied up some video of ACORN doing business with a fake pimp and a ho’ has posted a clip of a video which, taken by itself, makes a black lady look racist!  SHE MUST BE FIRED!”

My wife, who is NOT a member of the administration, saw the same video everyone else did the other morning.  She asked me, “Are they sure this is the whole video, that there isn’t more to this?”  Then she took the dogs outside.

Now, we have the picture of an administration that cowers every time some racist pinhead rears his ugly head.

What can Obama do?  Like I said, MAN UP!  You were a great candidate, but I’m thinking of you more and more as a one-term president unless you resurrect CANDIDATE Obama and put your so-far milquetoast president act in the closet.

YOU WON THE ELECTION!  Yet, the people who advise you have you bending over backward to kiss the asses of Republicans and Conservatives who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire!  IT’S THEIR PLAN, Mr. Obama!  They are hoping we’re so stupid out here in the electorate that we’ll FORGET how they FUBAR’d the economy and everything else and put THEM back in charge if they can keep YOU from getting anything done!  And you’ve done good things!

The watered down health care bill?  Better than nothing.

The watered down economic reform bill?  Better than nothing.

The watered down Recovery Act?  Better than nothing.

But EACH TIME you allowed the GOP to strip out provisions that would have made these bills BETTER to show yourself to be a post-partisan… and they STILL pissed on your wingtips!

REPUBLICANS AND THEIR TEA-PARTY MOB HAVE ONE GOAL, President Obama, and that’s to get rid of YOU!  Nothing you can ever say, nothing you can ever do will get them to offer you a single word of support!  It’s their JOB to consign you to the dustbin of history so they can resume their enriching of the upper classes at the expense of the middle class and poor.

I mean, LOOK at these people who are making you jump through hoops!  They deny benefits to the unemployed because “it encourages laziness”.  They want to repeal your health care reforms because “people should only get the kind of health care they can afford!”  They want to repeal your economic reforms because “if stupid people take out loans they can’t afford because the bank convinced them they COULD afford them, is that the BANK’s fault?”

If you were to display even a LITTLE of the fire you showed during the ’08 campaign, how in the WORLD could the GOP win on THOSE platforms?  FOR the insurance companies.  FOR the Wall Street Fat Cats.  FOR the corporations.

Be FOR THE PEOPLE, Mr. President, and do so FORCEFULLY, you can win them back!

It’s time to MAN UP!

GET RID of the people who are telling you to accommodate the GOP.  GET RID of your advisers who are giving you bad advice.  TO HELL with what Beck and O’Reilly and Limbaugh and Hannity say!

You ran on a platform we believed in.  You WON the election.

Before it’s too late and we find ourselves at peril of a President Palin, it’s time you started ACTING like you won the election!

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