My World of Parkinsonian Delights

One of THOSE Days…

This feels like it’s going to be one of THOSE days.  Had trouble getting to sleep last night (yes, I took my meds), had trouble STAYING asleep (the thunderstorm around 11 pm didn’t help), kept waking up and going back to sleep until around 5, at which time I just kinda lolled around in the bed until shortly after 6, got up, did my e-mail sorting for my colleagues in patient recruitment, made coffee (having trouble with the coffee maker) and now I’m sitting at my “desk” in the kitchen.

Not only does my typing suck, I’m typing words that I don’t mean to type.  In the previous paragraph, f’rinstance… where I wrote “kinda”?  The word originally came out as “line”.  Does that make any kind of sense to anyone?  Anyone?

I feel like I don’t have a thought in my pretty little head this morning.  If you like ’em pretty and stupid, I’m your boy!


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