My World of Parkinsonian Delights

We Get Letters…

Seems like I’m getting comments from all over the place… mostly on my Facebook account, but some here on the blog.

About my entry from yesterday, “Oh, Pooh!  Not Again!” we hear from my Facebook pal and former XM Satellite Radio colleague, Dave.

I wish I could unread that. But if it is any consolation, three times in my adult life I have made dirties in my pants. And I have no excuse. I was not drunk, not suffering from a fit if lactose intolerance, or anything of the sorts. I simply went to break a little wind and apparently pushed a bit too hard.

Oh, can you send me the link to buy your books? I accidentally cleaned out my messages and your link went away like a soiled adult diaper.

My most excellent pal (and producer — check out “The Strange Case of the Sunday Stagebill“) Ben was just as sympathetic to my plight.
“Making Bigs.” Bill…I’m not gonna lie to you. Maybe I’m just a jerk but my first reaction to this story was complete full-body laughter. We go way back and I’m sorry to betray you as a friend by laughing at such a sensitive matter. Please accept my apologies…
And I’m not even gonna ANSWER my friend and committed conservative Andy, who asked…
Does this make you an old poop?
Everyone’s a comedian.
About my first review of the new Podiobook version of “No Doorway Wide Enough,” we hear from Shantie — from across the pond!

Totally enjoyed this audio book “No Doorway Wide Enough” It is not just interesting and informative, it is also very entertaining with Bill’s sense of humour. I bought the book too. It is nice to listen to the audio as Bill makes it so alive.

I would recommend this audio and the book also especially that it is helping raise money for research.

Well done Bill and thank you.

You can tell she’s from the UK because of her funny spelling!  🙂

My pal and former XM Satellite Radio colleague, Matt, shared the following after reading my piece, “You Never Miss the Dopamine Until the Brain Runs Dry.”

“I mean, Jesus! Who wants to read a downer book like THAT when there are Vampire/Werewolf movies and Harry Potter and self-help books about how you can stop dating the wrong kind of man out there?”

I’m afraid despite the subject matter of rejection I’m still laughing at this line. You are a gifted writer, Bill. Keep doing it til the well runs dry (or the dopamine does)

I saw a book yesterday at Borders on “Gay Astrology”…..

You are right. No one wants to hear about what they themselves might just experience in the future.

I had 2 near death experiences in the 90s, and it changed my life forever. I now know that our “personalities” survive death. I know this for certain, yet, I alienated my blood family and had a whole bunch of friends go “koo-koo” “Koo-koo…” and keep their distance after I told my story.

So I know fully well that people just flat out don’t give a crap about important stuff like life and death.

That being said, there is a passage concerning “enlightenment” in the Bhagavad Gita….basically stating that karma yoga is doing the work with full intent, interest, and enthusiasm, but not being attached to the outcome.

Please consider this in your work. What you are doing is very valuable, though at this time through other peoples indifference it seems not to be. No matter. Keep slogging through, Bill. Keep slogging through.

Unfortunately, fools like me are out of work, so I had to go the cheap route and download your book. I still have to get your audiobook, though intend to….so even I’m a schmuck….

I hope life becomes a bit more gentle with you as the process unfolds, or at least gives you the wisdom of experience. . . and you write about it and leave it for selfish indifferent humanity.

much love,


It’s good to have friends!

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