My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Admitting You Can’t Do It Anymore

Admitting you can’t do something anymore is not the easiest thing I’ve ever done.  Once again, that realization rears its head as I checked my bank balance this morning and realized I had misjudged our balance.  We’re still in the black, but by quite a bit less than I thought we were.

As of payday, next Friday, Gail will handle the finances from now on.

It’s just becoming more noticeable, I guess.  Yesterday, as I was doing something on my website, I got an e-mail from work that demanded immediate attention.  So I took care of that and went back to the thing I was doing on my website… and forgot what the hell it was that I was doing!  And I just could not remember.

This morning, I’m just wandering around the kitchen making coffee, my head in a fog.

I think the problem has been, I’ve been spending so much money promoting my book, making websites to promote my book, buying press releases to promote my book, and getting next to $0 return on my investments.

Well, I’m done spending money to promote the book.  I will keep the websites until they come up for renewal, then that’s it.

I just gotta stop throwing good money after bad.  And I gotta realize — as I have — that I’m just not capable of handling the finances anymore.


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