My World of Parkinsonian Delights

A Day in the Life

It’s all just a day in the life.

First Item:  We’re two days away from the launch of my Podiobooks version of “No Doorway Wide Enough.”  I have five episodes online and ready to go and will add an episode a week.  It’s free unless you WANT to make a donation, so there’s no need for tightwads to not hear the story, even though no donation means no research funding for the National Parkinson Foundation and the Charles DBS Research Fund at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  One thing I’ve discovered since offering two of my books for free and giving 25% off the $5 price of my Smashwords books, people LOVE the free stuff and don’t want to pay the $3 for “No Doorway.”

I wish I could afford a real marketing campaign.  I really believe in this book and think it could be a great fundraiser.  But I can’t be the only one spending money on it.

Just got out of the shower.  Realized I had forgotten to rinse the soap from my underarms and nether regions.  Had to get back in the shower.  Chalk up another one for Team Dementia.

Getting a new dryer today.  The old one, which came with the house when we bought it in 2002, gave up the ghost Thursday.  It’ll be delivered between 3:30 and 5:30 this afternoon, so “Yippy” and “Yappy,” our very brave guard dogs, can wait in the bedroom while it’s being delivered.

Decided to stop buzzing my scalp when I shave.  I like the slick baldness of it all, but I noticed over the weekend that the blades are irritating the skin covering the deep brain stimulation wiring on the left side of my dome.  Last thing we want is exposed wires.  That would be bad.

Slept MUCH better last night since I took my nighty-nite pills.  Still had trouble dropping off to sleep, so I got up at 10:30 to scarf down another ambien.  Gail was up with the very brave Shiloh who heard a firecracker right after we went to bed and tried to claw her way through the doggy gate, over the counter, knocking down stuff and whining like Osama bin Laden himself was chasing her.  By 10:30, the situation had settled down and Gail was able to secure Shiloh in the kitchen and come back to bed.  And the second ambien did the trick.  So I’m feeling considerably sharper this morning.

So there we have it!  Don’t forget about checking out

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