My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Pills Don’t Work Unless You TAKE Them!

I’ve been forgetting to take pills.  I have my iPhone set to go off when it’s time for my 11 am Stalevo, my 4pm Stalevo and my 8:30 pm Klonopin and Ambien.  I rarely forget to take my pills in the morning, because it’s all part of the morning routine.  It’s the first thing I do every day.  But if I happen to be involved in something at work, or writing a blog post, or examining my navel for lint that I don’t think came from MY clothes, if I don’t get up IMMEDIATELY and take that 11am or 4pm Stalevo, I WILL FORGET!  Usually, I will remember an hour or so later.  But about twice a week, I forget it completely and just recycle the unused pill back to the first open slot in the pill box.

I had a horrible night’s sleep last night.  (Trust me, there’s a point to this sudden shift in narrative.)  I went to sleep just fine, then woke up at 11-something and just laid there.  Nothing bothering me.  Very comfortable.  Just not sleeping.  I eventually drifted off long enough to have a little dream, then I woke up again.  Around 3 this time.  Laid there until about 5.  Not anxious.  Not worried about anything.  Just wondering why I was having such a rough night.

He wanted his desk back.

After Gail got up with Raven at around 5:30, I drifted off again.  Had a dream about being a new kid in high school.  There was only one desk available and I took it.  But it turns out that it was John Goodman‘s desk, and he wanted it back.  So I had to sit on a heating vent in the back of the classroom.  The teacher said not to worry about it, they’d try to get a desk delivered as soon as possible.  At lunch time, I was angered to learn there was no cafeteria.  “What kind of high school doesn’t have a cafeteria,” I complained to anyone who would listen.  When I got back to the classroom and sat on my heating vent in the back of the room, the teacher gave me two wiggling little puppies… they may have been Yorkies, not sure.  It was going to be my job to take care of them.

Then I woke up again, saw that it was a bit past 6 and decided, “That’s enough of THIS crap.”  Got up, made my way out to the kitchen.  My two girlies circled around me trying to get THEIR kisses before I could give Mom HER kiss.  Everyone got kissed, I went into the kitchen and took my morning pills.

And there they were.  My last night’s “Nitey-Nite” pills.  My Ambien, to help me get to and stay asleep!  My clonazepam to make sure that I have NORMAL REM sleep, the RESTFUL kind of sleep you need to feel refreshed in the morning.  When my 8:30 alarm went off, I took my iPhone into the kitchen, plugged it in for the night, turned off the computer, and went back to the living room to watch the last half-hour of “Cops.”  The thought of taking pills never even entered my mind.

This is it, kids!  This is the onset of Parkinson’s Disease Dementia!  This forgetfulness, this inability to focus, this — wackiness!

Better communicate with me while I can still understand you.

Now… have you seen the offer on the bottom of the front page for 50% off “No Doorway Wide Enough”?  Have you taken advantage of that yet?  Why not?  You don’t want to anger a demented person!

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