My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Tooting My Own Horn, Looking for Book Publicity

Tooting my own horn again, I’ve placed this listing in a Radio Guest Availability magazine I used to use when I was a talk show host.

Bill Schmalfeldt Parkinson’s Disease Expert and Author

Bill Schmalfeldt is living with Parkinson’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease is no laughing matter! Or is it?

Parkinsons Disease Expert Bill Schmalfeldt can share his story of Parkinson’s Disease and deep brain stimulation surgery with your listeners. He has written a humorous book about Parkinson’s disease and his surgery because he thought his story was worth telling.

Bill Schmalfeldt,  Parkinsons Disease Expert After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2000 and having experimental deep brain stimulation surgery in 2007, Guest Expert Bill Schmalfeldt wrote a manuscript about the experience. Not only could he not find a literary agent willing to look at it, publishers rejected his new book without even reading sample chapters.

Believing the story needed to be told, Bill dug into his own pockets and took the self-publishing route. As a result, a 468-page non-fiction book, No Doorway Wide Enough is now available worldwide. He’s donating the author proceeds to the Parkinson’s Disease organizations that helped him.

Book Bill Schmalfeldt, author and former radio talk show host with Parkinsons’s Disease as a Guest Expert on your show to discuss:
• Being a participant in a clinical trial.
• How to keep a sense of humor when faced with a degenerativeBill Schmalfeldt,  Parkinsons Expert book disease.
• What to do when you have a story to tell, but agents and publishers give you the cold shoulder.
• What it’s like to be awake during brain surgery.
• What are the effects of Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s Expert Bill Schmalfeldt is a funny guy.  He has 30+ years broadcast experience as a DJ, talk show host, program director, news director, reporter and columnist.  He began working for the federal government in 2005.

Bill Schmalfeldt Guest Expert Interview Credentials
Bill Schmalfeldt is a former radio talk show host, current government writer-editor, was diagnosed at age 45 with PD, had deep brain stimulation surgery as part of a clinical trial in 2007, and is now living with the mixed after-effects.

Bill is also the author of No Doorway Wide Enough.

Guest Expert Interview Availability
By telephone from Elkridge, MD – EDT
In person in Washington, DC or Baltimore, MD, maybe NYC

There.  Maybe THIS will do some good and move some books!


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