My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Wanna LISTEN to my Book?

I know why my book isn’t moving all that well…

For one thing, it costs MONEY (which, as I’ve mentioned, will go to support PD charities).

And for another thing… books is so HEAVY!


I am prepping the book to be offered at Podiobooks.  Soon you will be able to LISTEN to the words without having to READ them or being forced to carry a heavy old BOOK or KINDLE or eBook reader around.  Just think of all the strain on your muscles that will save.

I have five segments already uploaded.  As soon as they clear quality control, the launch date will be listed and YOU can listen to my book, TOO!

(Gotta tell ya, the Smashwords July promotion has been a real success.  25 copies each of the eBook versions of “Hunky Dunk” and “Undercover Trucker” have flown off the shelf.  Of course, during July, they’re free.  I’ve given “No Doorway Wide Enough” a 25% discount so I’ll still have something to donate to my charities.

I’ve sold… 1 copy.

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