My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Viartis to the Rescue — Again

The good folks at have come to my rescue yet again.

They have featured “No Doorway Wide Enough” on the “Parkinson’s News” page, AND their “Parkinson’s Books” page.

Maybe this will help.  I can only hope.  I’ve been banging my head on the wall trying to think of new ways to get the word out about this book, how to get people to care, how to get people interested enough to read what actually is a very engaging, optimistic and humorous story, the purchase thereof which will help fund PD research, but so far I’ve fallen flat on my face.  Figuratively.  When I fall, it’s usually to one side or the other.  Never on my face.  But you get the idea.

Over at “” I’ve even given a 25% discount on downloadable eBooks.  I made my OTHER eBooks FREE for the month of July and they’re FLYING off the shelves.  Seriously.  But it will cost something over $3 to buy “No Doorway Wide Enough” at Smashwords, so no one is touching it.

But I remain undaunted.  I am in the process of converting “No Doorway Wide Enough” into an AUDIO book as well.  Because I haven’t spent ENOUGH time or money on this yet.  And damn it!  WE’RE GOING TO HELP FIND A CURE FOR THIS F*CKING PARKINSON’S DISEASE OR DIE TRYING! (or until it bankrupts me)!!!

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