My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Each Book Sold So Far Has Cost ME $80!

I’m either really dedicated… or just plain stupid.  Or, it’s another sign of impending Parkinson’s disease dementia.

I just ran a spreadsheet of what I’ve spent on press releases, Google Ad Words, positioning ads in “available guest” magazines and other expenses to promote the sale of “Deep Brain Diary” and its successor volume “No Doorway Wide Enough” in an effort to raise money for the National Parkinson Foundation and the Charles DBS Research Fund at Vanderbilt.  Add to that the cost of publication, the cost of distribution to get the books listed on all the major online booksellers… I have spent close to $1,000 out of my pocket.

I have done everything I could think of, within my budget, to get the word out about these books and my intent to donate the proceeds to PD research.

Results.  One interview on a Jefferson City, Missouri radio station and that’s because a friend of mine sent a copy of my book to his dad who does the morning show there.

The book is available at,,, Barnes &, and  It is also available on my websites, which also cost money.  So make that about $1,200 I’ve dug out of my wallet since March to sell these books to raise money for these worthwhile charities.

I have raised just over $92.

I have no figures from the major online booksellers.  I’ve sold a few $5 Amazon Kindle versions of the first book.  A couple of the paperbacks of the first book on Amazon.  No idea of sales on B&N and Booksamillion, they don’t show any sales figures.  I sold 3 of the first book on Createspace.  I’ve sold 2 of the hardcovers of the first book from,  3 of the first book paperbacks, and a grand total of 4 of the PDF downloads.

Deep Brain Diary —

Hardcovers, 2

Paperbacks, 7

Downloads, 4

Kindle, a few — no idea.

Now, for the updated version, No Doorway Wide Enough?

1 Hardcover from

1 Download from

Nothing at Amazon or any of the other online book sellers.

Nothing at Createspace.

Total sales —

Amazon — $32.64

Createspace — $2.44

Lulu — $57.25

Grand Total of Sales — $92.33 (not counting any sales I’m unaware of).

That means I can, right now, cut a check for $46.17 for the National Parkinson Foundation and $46.16 for the Charles DBS Research Fund.

And it only cost me around $1,200.

Considering I’ve spent around $1,200 to make $92, that means — averaging — each book I’ve sold so far has cost ME $80.

I’m a good writer.  But a terrible businessman, it seems.

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