My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Modem Madness

I was off line for a good part of the day yesterday because our cable modem died.  We didn’t know it was dead at first.  We thought it was a Comcast thing.  In fact, when I first called the Comcast customer service line, I got a recorded message saying that they were aware of a general service disruption and they were working on it.

So, hours later after rebooting and rebooting and rebooting the modem, I called again.  This time I talked to a very helpful customer service rep who walked me through the problem, and we decided between us that the modem (which has served faithfully since 2002) had given up the ghost.

So, off to Best Buy where I saw the general manager standing there talking to a sales associate and asked him to point out the Comcast modems.  Then I asked what the benefit would be to have a cable modem vs. the little wireless AT&T USB plugin that would ensure I was connected no matter what.  He explained that it was largely a matter of bandwidth.  Then he showed me a modem that would also replace my wireless router.  So I bought it home and plugged it in, and it seemed to be making a connection to the Internet.  I called Comcast again to give them the modem’s serial number and all that other stuff they’d need, and was informed that Comcast did not support the modem I had just purchased.

So it was back to Best Buy to get our money back for the first modem, get a second modem that Comcast DID support, then back to the house.

I got everything connected, called the Comcast customer service rep (and believe me, the Comcast customer service reps came through with flying colors last night!  Very polite, very well-informed.)  We got the new modem working.  Then I got it communicating with the wireless router I already had and, badda bing, we’re back in the 21st century.

Seems like pages are loading faster, too!


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