My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Back on the Exercise Wagon

Definitely gonna have to get back on the exercise wagon today.  I was 12-minutes into my 2o-minute stationary bike ride yesterday when Gail asked for my help with the dogs.  And we all see how that worked out.  My right thigh was sore for the rest of the day. Well, it feels considerably better this morning, so I gotta get back on the bike, back on the Wii, back onto the PT exercises I’m supposed to be doing, and quit laying around like a lump.

Speaking of which… quite the busy night dream-wise.  It’s one of those repeat dreams where the setting is the same, I know the landscape, but the characters are different.

Early this morning, I was helping my dead twin brother, Bob, his wife, Lori and their daughters (who were little kids again) navigate the New York transportation system (which bears no resemblance at all to the ACTUAL New York transportation system.  Our train pulled into a station in the Bronx, I think, and we had to walk a few blocks north, a couple blocks to the west, then about six blocks south to catch the train that would take us into Manhattan.  (I’ve been over this particular landscape in MANY dreams.)  I warned Bob and Lori that this was a pretty tough area, so try not to look like victims.

The first thing Bob does is duck into a bar that is clearly a Latino gang hangout.  The fellows gathered within give us the stink eye, but don’t cause any violence as I escort Bob from the bar and back out into the street, where suddenly he and his family begin walking in the wrong direction.  I holler for them to follow me, but soon lose sight of them.  So, I shrug my shoulders and make my way to the train to Manhattan.

Then I woke up.  Kinda.

I had a full bladder, and this feeling that my bed was encased in plastic sheeting.  Not to smother me, but like a thin, cloudy plastic casket over my bed.  I’d open my eyes and realize that there was no such device, then I’d close them and start to believe, again, that there was this covering over my bed, like a cloudy plastic box just big enough to cover my med from head to foot.  This went on for about 10 minutes until I heard Raven trying to wake up Gail.  So I got up, went potty, turned on the computer and wrote this.

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