My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Poor Sleepy Shiloh!

Poor sleepy Shiloh!  Our 4-year old German shepherd isn’t allowed in the bedroom when we’re sleeping.  It’s not because we don’t like her or because she’s a bad dog or anything like that… it’s because she’s just so damn ANTSY!

She walks from bed to bed, she wants to lay where Raven is laying, so Raven moves and now she wants to lay where Raven is laying NOW and on it goes… and she takes great pleasure when SHE can’t sleep of putting her cold, wet nose on whatever part of your body is exposed.  It’s all a big game to her, so we had to banish her from the bedroom.

Then she started peeing and pooping in the living room.  So now, at night, she’s banished to Doggie Gitmo in the kitchen where she has a water bowl, a food bowl, and two thick, comfy pads — one atop the other — to sleep on.  She still poops and pees in the kitchen as the mood strikes her, but linoleum is much easier to clean than rug.

As of the last couple nights, she’s been protesting this state of affairs.  She will knock something off one of the kitchen ledges and look guilty when you come out to put it back.  Then, she waits until you’re back in bed and almost asleep and she starts with the “wurf” which becomes a “WURF!” which becomes a “BARK!”

When Gail came out night before last to scold her, Shiloh just laid there on the floor wagging her tail looking at her as if to say, “That’s OK, Mom.  Get it out of your system.”

So, last night, DADDY came out to talk to her after the second “WURF!”


If you know me, you know I can still muster a very deep, growly, scary voice.  I didn’t touch her.  Didn’t have to.  It was the “voice of DOOM!” and she knew it.  She curled into a tiny ball on her bed pads and didn’t make a sound the rest of the night.

During the day, she’s allowed into the bedroom.  And she’s a good girl.  The only problem is, if the bedroom door is open, Raven goes in there too, and she barks to wake the dead and bring down all doom on ANYTHING that moves on the street in front of our place.  Shiloh stays quiet when people and cars go by.  But if she sees a CAT!  All bets are off.

Ever hear a German shepherd SCREAM?

Raven is a loudmouth.  But during the night, she’s as good as gold.

Maybe if we melded the dogs somehow… but with our luck, we’d get an antsy dog that barks at everything that moves.

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