My World of Parkinsonian Delights

When Did They Move Winnemucca?

Another interesting one last night.

A friend of mine (who I’ve never seen before in my life) and I were moving from Winnemucca, Nevada (which, for the purposes of the dream, was down by Las Vegas and not in the northwest part of the state).  We had to drive a U-Haul truck up to Reno to get something, then back down (?) to Winnemucca to pick up another friend (who I have also never seen in my life) and then head to Florida.

Our progress was hampered at every small town we drove through on the highway by gangs of Hispanics and Native Americans who claimed that there was a toll for driving through their towns.  After the second time this happened, my “friend” and I were pulled from the truck and hauled into a gas station as prisoners.  We were threatened with guns and told to give them all our money.  I grabbed a payphone and called the county sheriff to see if he knew what was going on in this town.  He said it’s their town, their laws and they’re free to do what they want.

Just then as the sun was coming up (which pissed me off because I wanted to be back “down” in Winnemucca by sunrise), I looked out at the gas pump and these Hispanics and Native Americans had converted the U-Haul into some sort of souped-up hot rod U-Haul.  They gave us the truck back and said we should be able to make up the time we lost being held hostage.  So we lit out for Winnemucca, found our friend (I think it was a newspaper office that we were moving to Florida), loaded the truck and hit the road.


Then I had another brief one where I was watching Sesame Street and none of the Muppets had eyes.  And all the gags were about how they couldn’t see anything… because they had no eyes.  Whatever.

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