My World of Parkinsonian Delights

It’s Like a Movie in My Head!

It’s like a movie in my head every night!  That extra .5mg of Klonopin is sure helping me stay asleep through the night.  But it’s done nothing for the weird, vivid and bizarre dreams!

This morning, for instance…

Gail and I were traveling someplace by train.  In the car behind us were two caskets.  But the caskets had living people in them — one man and one woman.  They were very shabbily dressed.  They explained that the casket company wanted to test the comfort level of the caskets and were paying them to ride to New York in them.  I shrugged my shoulders.

Suddenly, we were walking through the streets of Manhattan near Times Square.  And we kept walking.  And kept walking.  It turns out that we were trying to set some sort of record for how far a group could hike in a single day.  Then I started to realize we were in Canada.  I took out my iPhone to get a geo-position, and we were well north of Maine heading into New Foundland.

Then… we were back on the train.  The couple in the caskets, still there, still very happy to be doing what they were doing.  I went and sat on my seat, which was a bench along the wall.  As the train rolled through Harlem, I remarked to myself how nice everything looked and what pride people were taking in maintaining their neighborhoods.  The train stopped at 110th street and a guy with a kerchief on his face jumped on.  He shot the two people in the caskets.  Then he said he wasn’t done shooting people yet and he shot an old lady sitting across from me in the face.  She didn’t bleed, but smoke came out of her nose and she opened and closed her mouth with a, “that guy just shot me” look on her face.

The gunman pointed his weapon at me, and I decided it was time to wake up.

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