My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Back from the Neurologist

Just got back from a very pleasant visit with my neurologist, Dr. Stephen Grill.  I gave him my last copy of “Deep Brain Diary” and told him that he would get a copy of “No Doorway Wide Enough” during our next visit in October.  He said he’d be happy to place a poster advertising the book in his lobby, which I thought was very generous.

It was an informative visit.  The things that my deep brain stimulation CAN control, i.e., symptoms that can be controlled by dopamine replacement, are doing fine.  My limbs are loose and limber — more stiffness on the left than the right.  So that part is good.  The areas that DBS can’t help — the ones that resist dopamine therapy — are not doing so well.

Balance, gait, slowness, those remain issues.  We talked about my “seeing things” — he called them “illusions” which is different, I guess, than “hallucinations.”  He upped my Klonopin from 1.5 mg to 2mg hoping that will help with any lingering REM Sleep Behavior Disorder.

And yes, he scolded me about my weight.  Dr. Grill has lost a lot of weight himself (and looks great, I might add).  He said, “Since I lost that weight, I guess I’ve become a bit more…”

“Annoying?” I said, finishing the sentence for him.  He laughed and gave me a pat on the shoulder.

But he’s right.  I need to lose weight.  I need to exercise more.  (I also need a full head of hair to cover my scars, but THAT ain’t gonna happen either…)

Just kidding.  I’ll work harder at it.  I promise.  No more ice cream.

From now on, it’s CAKE for me!

Just kidding.

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