My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Another Fun Day

Oh Boy!  It’s another fun day with Parkinson’s disease!  Day #3,783 since diagnosis.

I was the first one up this morning.  At around 5:45, Raven began her regime of “head flapping,” which is a technique she uses when she wants to make noise and be noticed without going as far as “barking.”  She did this for awhile.  Then she sat on the floor and scratched herself, making sure her leg pounded the floor like she was Thumper.  Then she started with the flappity-flappity-flappity again.  Then I felt something press down on my mattress.  I looked.  It was a very sad dog face.  She noticed that I had looked at her, and suddenly the JOY returned to her face.  She started making whiny, happy, “I gotta go potty” noises.  She went over and bottlenosed Mom’s bed, as if to say, “It’s OK, Mom.  DAD’s got me!”

I grabbed the handle of my walker and pulled myself into a standing position.  Then I had to grab it again to keep from falling backwards back onto my bed.  I shuffled to the door, let Raven out, went and released Shiloh from her prison.  (There was a “blue bag of shame” on the porch this morning, meaning Shiloh went poopie in the kitchen during the night.  We give up.)

I took both dogs out, made preparations to make coffee, then made this video.

Sorry about the whiny nature of that, but I’m feeling down and discouraged this morning.  I feel like the only people who really care are my family and close friends.

And besides, I’m having a bad Parky day.  Right now, my shoulders and upper arms are tight and sore, just from typing this.

So, I guess I’ll stop.


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