My World of Parkinsonian Delights


Back in February, thanks to the kindness of Dr. David Churchman, a project manager for Health Outcomes part of Isis Innovation Limited, I got a copy of the two premier Parksinon’s disease self-assessment rating tools.  The PDQ-39 (Parkinson’s Disease Questionnaire with 39 questions) and the PDQ-8 (same thing, but with 8 questions.

I wrote about my self assessment in a previous version of this blog, which can now be seen at Wellsphere (where I am one of the Health Bloggers in the PD Community).

Well, I retook the tests again today.  Keep in mind, this is a total self-assessment in the areas of mobility, activities of daily life, emotional well-being, social support, , communication and discomfort.  This time, I landed squarely on the Hoehn & Yahr Stage IV side… my PDQ-39 PDSI came in at 53.205.  My PDQ-8-SI was 53.125.  The line between III and IV is 48.59.  That dividing line for the PDQ-8 is 47.86.

This squares with what I’ve been noticing over the months, as chronicled here in the blog.  It’s not good news, but it’s certainly not unexpected for a person more than 10 years past diagnosis.

BTW:  If you would like a license to use either of the PDQ’s, feel free to contact them at And tell Dr. Churchman I said “Howdy!”

The thing to keep in mind is that both of these PDQ’s are self assessments.  You check the proper box that most closely matches your symptoms over the past month.  So ya gotta be truthful with yourself to get an accurate score.


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