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Those Wacky South Carolina Republicans!

Oh, you just MUST love the South Carolina Republican Party.  They’ve given us a Governor who turned “hiking the Appalachian Trail” into a sexual innuendo.  They’ve given us a gubernatorial candidate who may or may not have had an affair.  And now, this!

A longtime South Carolina state Senator with a reputation for blunt language used the term “raghead” to describe Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley and President Obama during an appearance on a political talk show Thursday.

Haley is of Indian-American descent.

State Sen. Jake Knotts, who backs Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer in the four-way Republican primary battle, made the remark during an interview on “Pub Politics,” a popular online political talk show in Columbia.

“We already got one raghead in the White House, we don’t need a raghead in the governor’s mansion,” Knotts said, according to multiple people present for the broadcast.

AHHHHHH!  Le Bon Mot! And how FUNNY these South Carolina Republicans are.  Good thing Candidate Haley’s skin isn’t a little darker or State Senator Knothead might have said something even FUNNIER!!!

For her part, Candidate Haley says if she’s elected and proof of her alleged marital infidelity surfaces, THEN she’ll resign.  In effect, “Elect me, and if it turns out I’ve been lying to you, I’ll quit.”

(Idiots!  Why are there so many of them, and why are most of them southern Republicans?)

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