My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Croaky Voice, Porous Brain

Waking up with a croaky voice and a bunch of podcasts that need doing.  Proof that God has a sense of humor.

Had a few more instances of that “in and out of alertness” phenomenon yesterday, making me wonder if Parkinson’s disease is beginning to affect the mind as well as the body.  When we went to the grocery store to get lunch, I needed to get some creamer for our coffee.  I saw some “white chocolate mocha” creamer and thought, “Mmmm!  That would be good with the espresso!”  So I got a bottle.  Then Gail caught up to me.  Then I got a bottle of “Sweet Italian Creme” creamer and saw a bottle of the “white chocolate mocha,” and thought, “Mmmmm!  That would be good with the espresso.”  So I got another bottle.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I saw that I had two bottles of “white chocolate mocha” creamer!

Then after 4pm yesterday, around the time Gail takes our next door neighbor to work, I was sitting in my recliner — looking at the TV and none of it was registering.  I watched the beginning of a Law and Order episode where a woman was in a confessional, confessing to a priest.  During the commercial break, I turned to Gail and said, “I watched that whole thing, listened to every word, and I’ll be damned if I can remember what the woman was confessing about.”

I settled back into my chair, and when Gail left to take our neighbor to work she had to startle me out of my fugue to let me know she was leaving.

A couple hours later?  I was fine!  I wrote that witty piece about Obama’s “failure to show the appropriate amount of anger,” then went to bed and slept like a lord.

This morning, my voice is almost gone.  I feel slightly fuzzy-headed, but functional.  And I’d better be, cuz I have work to do.

UPDATE: Screw it.  I wrote and recorded the Rec Therapy podcast and sounded like a drunk with bronchitis.  I am neither.  I will write whatever needs writing today, but no more recording.  Not until my voice gets better.  My voice box actually hurts when I try to talk.  To hell with this.

(And, on an INTERESTING note, it was three years ago today that I went to Nashville to begin the pre-op portion of my deep brain stimulation.  On June 4, they did the physical exam.  On June 5, they inserted the bone markers into my skull.  Three years.  Jeez.)

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