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The Oily Right Wing Media

Why is it that when I watch the mainstream right wing media’s coverage of the BP oil spill, I feel like I need a shower to wash the thin, oily layer of partisan crud off of me?

Let’s review the White House’s handling of BP’s befouling of the Gulf of Mexico by taking a look at what he’s done, what he COULD have done, and how the mainstream right wing media would have responded no matter WHAT he did.

Obama’s Initial Reaction — What He Did:

He mobilized all government resources to assist BP in determining how much oil was getting into the Gulf, and to assist in any way possible to stop the leak.  He did that on Day One.  Since then, he’s taken  a cool, analytical approach (because he’s a cool, analytical dude) and has handled the problem like you would expect a clear-thinking, intelligent person to handle it.

The Mainstream Right Wing Media Reaction:

Why didn’t he commandeer private tankers and force them into the Gulf to help with the cleanup?  Why didn’t he just shove BP out of the way and say “The Government will fix this?”  He’s WEAK!  WEAK, I tell’s ya!  He should be DOWN there, personally directing the efforts!  He should be shown holding a dead seagull in his oil-soaked arms, head tilted back, screaming in rage!  How else can people believe he CARES?

Let’s Pretend He Did What the Mainstream Right Wing Media SAYS He Should Have Done.  Their Reaction?

Here we have more government interference in the private sector!  BP has the equipment and capabilities to clean up their own messes.  This is just another power grab by this Socialist president who will use this as an excuse to nationalize the entire oil industry in the name of preventing another like incident.  It’s SOCIALISM, people!  SOCIALISM, I tells ya!  And LOOK!  Look at that image of him holding that dead seagull in his oil-soaked arms, head tilted back, screaming in rage!  What sort of image is THAT for an American president?  Don’t we want our presidents to take a cooler, presidential approach to these sorts of disasters?  What sort of confidence can we have in a president who CRIES over a DEAD BIRD???

It truly is amazing.  The teabaggers, the mainstream right wing media which SCORIATED Obama for over a year for wanting to implement a system to save our health care system by calling it a “government takeover” with “death panels”, that SPANKED him on a daily basis for bailing out General Motors and the banks,  and other bad things, now is CRYING about Obama NOT taking over a private company, NOT commandeering privately-owned ships, and NOT doing the sort of thing a Socialist “dictator” WOULD do to nationalize an industry that clearly places the public interest below the profits of their shareholders.

Anyone else smell the hypocrisy?

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