My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Why I Work From Home — a Reminder

If I ever needed a reminder of why I’m glad to be allowed to work from home because of my Parkinson’s disease,  I got it today!

Gail and I headed out of the house a little after 8.  After making our way through the rush hour traffic on I-95 and the Beltway around DC, we finally slid into the NIH Campus around 9:45.  We had to wait awhile until we could get the car through security and a temp ID badge for Gail.  Then we drove to the Clinical Center, used the valet parking, and I was about 10 minutes late for a 10 am meeting.

I haven’t been down there since August.  It was great seeing everyone again, but the meeting seemed aimed at breaking down the resistance of employees who are not thrilled about the addition of the call center to our office responsibilities.  It makes sense to me, so sitting through all these charts about “Why Change is Hard” and the like struck me as a little bit much.

Maybe it’s just the military or Midwest work ethic.  If you’re getting paid, and the person paying you says, “You have to do THIS now,” you frickin’ DO it.  And if you don’t like it, you find another job.

Personally, I think that our patient recruitment efforts will be well served by this move.  I think it will take some “come to Jesus” sort of talk to get those who are resisting to come around.  But it will be done.

I was my usual, comical and serious self during the meeting.  When giving a response of more than a sentence, my voice was halting and slurred.  I’m sure folks noticed.

Afterwards, I took Sara (my boss) down to meet Gail — who was happily involved in “people watching” in the lobby.  They seemed to hit it off, which makes sense since Sara is my boss at work and Gail is my boss at home, so they have ME in common…

Then we met with a co-worker of mine, slogged over to Bldg. 61 where I fixed the microphone she uses for podcasting.  After which, we gathered up my stuff leftover from last August and drove home to let the dogs out and eat some Chinese food.

I’m exhausted.  Traffic wasn’t bad going in and was better coming home, even though the outer loop of the Beltway was jam-packed all the way from I-95 past Bethesda (opposite direction from our trip home), and it made me remember all-too-easily why I am so happy that I am allowed to work from home.

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