My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Is My Mind Melting?

I’ve noticed for quite some time now that I have a harder time paying attention to things than I ever have.  I’ve not yet noticed a change in my executive functioning — the ability to figure things out and make decisions.  Mayhaps I’ll find some way to test that this afternoon…

But fluctuating cognition.  That’s something new.

Yesterday morning, sitting at this very computer, I felt myself sort of just drift away.  I wasn’t concentrating on what was on the computer screen — my mind was wandering, almost as if I were dreaming.  It’s hard to really describe it now, but for a moment I thought my older sister was still alive.  I also thought we either just had visited each other or were going to in the near future.

I shook myself out of it and told Gail I was going to go lay down for awhile.  I didn’t sleep, but just laid there in that quasi-dream state for about 10-15 minutes.  Gail had to go somewhere  (I’ve forgotten where it was she had to go, but she went), and she put the dogs in the kitchen.  I laid there for awhile, and I heard one of the dogs softly howling.)

That brought me back to reality, I came out feeling fresh as a daisy after a few minutes and let the dogs out of the kitchen.

So, I’m wondering is this the beginning of the fluctuation of cognition that comes with Parkinson’s Disease Dementia?  This is not the first time this has happened.  Last summer, I was on the train home from work and was thinking about my time in the Navy — and believed I had served three separate terms.  The truth is, I only served two terms, but for a few minutes I believed it was three.  I snapped out of that fugue as well.

So, let’s go see if we can find an executive functioning test and see how I’m doing…

Well, I just took an online memory test at  Scored an 81.3%.  Overall accuracy, 39th percentile.  Response time, 43rd percentile.

I took the same test in January.  82.8% score, 42nd percentile in accuracy, 52nd percentile in response time.

Then I took an attention test.  86.8 % score.  Obeying the stop signal?  73rd percentile.  Overall accuracy?  66th percentile.  Response time?  56th percentile.

Took the same test in January.  84 % score.  Obeying the stop signal?  68th percentile.  Overall accuracy?  52nd percentile.  Response time?  61st percentile.

Then I took the flexibility test.  93.8 % score.  Overall accuracy?  38th percentile.  Response time?  46th percentile.

I took the same test in January.  85.4% score, 18th percentile in accuracy, 41st percentile in response time.

So, according to this, my memory is slightly worse, but my attention and flexibility have improved.

We’ll keep an eye on further developments.

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