My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Wanna See Me Fall?

If you want to see me fall, here’s a video!  Actually, it’s only a half-a-fall.  Maybe a quarter of a fall.  I’m demonstrating the balance exercises I’ve been given by physical therapy, and I did fairly well until I got to the one where I place one foot completely in front of the other.

Then, I listed to my right, crashed into my walker, slammed it into the door, and jabbed the handle of the walker into my tummy.

Being a trooper… I continued.  I fell a few more times, but this time to my left… where my bed is.

Once again, proof that I’m nowhere near as steady on my feet as I would like to believe that I am.  One shove from a rush hour commuter in a hurry, and the newscasters would be talking about how they were able to determine that I had Parkinson’s disease by the little hunks of brain they were able to pick up from the tracks near my mangled corpse.

I guess you could call me unbalanced.


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