My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Welcome to the Elkridge Horror

Horror is alive in Elkridge!

Some weeks ago, I wrote about the stench of death emanating from somewhere underneath our mobile home.  TJ went down and  under but was unable to find the source.  Our neighbor, kindly old Jim, said that raccoons sometimes like to get up in there in the insulation and die.  We’d have to put up with the stench for a couple weeks, but then it would pass.

The stench is gone for the most part.  But now…


Between me, Gail, the dogs and TJ, we have easily killed more than 100 of these big, bloated, slow moving corpse flies that have gotten into our house from the cabinet under TJ’s sink where we think the corpse is somehow entombed.  Gail is killing another as I write this.  TJ’s bathroom is a horror scene.  We spray in there constantly, then sweep out the corpses.

I have no idea how many more of these abominations to expect.  Gail did laundry yesterday, took the clothes out of the washer, and there was a very clean, dead fly in there.  They are aggressive, brutal, but easy to kill.  Gail just now killed another one.

And, oh yeah, my cappuccino maker is busted.  It won’t pressurize the water through the grounds any more.  Time for a new one.  More on that development later.

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