My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Not a Good Day for Sparking Blog Content

Slept like a log last night, except for getting up at 2:45 for a potty run.  But I wouldn’t look for any sparkling, witty blog content from me today because I feel like my entire brain is wrapped in gauze.  I feel foggy, easily-distracted, disconnected and unable to really focus.

I don’t feel SICK.  I just feel like my brain is in “low power” mode.  Maybe I overdid it at PT yesterday.  They worked me like a rented mule.  Which is a good thing, no doubt.  But even now, more than 3 hours after taking my first Stalevo of the morning, I just feel… meh.

And it pisses me off, because last night and early this morning I had what I thought was a cute idea for a blog entry, but now I can’t remember it.

Oh, yeah… this morning.  I just remembered.

I’m standing at the cappuccino machine making our morning deliciousness and through the window I saw a grey blur dash from my left to my right across the lawn near the house.  It was a raccoon.  Then I wondered if I had really seen it.  (I tell people that I don’t have hallucinations… my vision is just SO GOOD that sometimes I see things that AREN’T even THERE!)  I was just about to tell Gail that I was seeing things again, ready to break into a full “MOE, LARRY, CHEESE!  MOE, LARRY, CHEESE!” sort of moment, when I noticed that my next door neighbor’s cat had seen it too.  She was stalking it, her tail all puffed out.  Then she tore off after it.

So, either there really WAS a raccoon… or the cat is seeing things, too.

Right?  Right?

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