My World of Parkinsonian Delights

The Wii Mii is a Sight to Sii!

Oh, sure.  Here in what you HUMANS call the REAL world, I am hobbled by Parkinson’s disease.  I’m unable to walk outside without the assistance of a cane, and even then I walk very slowly.  My balance is terrible.  I choke on food and liquid.  Basically, I’m a slow, shambling wreck.

But in the VIRTUAL world… FREED from the restraints of your puny physical laws… I RULE!  I am an ATHLETE!  I am a KING!

Nay.  I am a GOD!

Behold!  And be amazed by my prowess with the sword!


Then BOW to me.

Unless, of course, we meet in the REAL world (so to speak) and I wet my diaper if you so much as raise your voice to me.

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