My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Meet My Wii Mii!

My stepson TJ and I are taking a break from a long afternoon of playing with the new Wii.  First, we did some bowling.  That’s my Wii Mii in the picture, with TJ’s Mii standing behind me.  Wii allows you to create an avatar that can loosely resemble yourself.  I did one for Gail, too, but she prefers to just watch.

TJ beat me at bowling.  I knocked him out in the third round in boxing.  I smacked him off the platform into the sea over and over again in the sword fighting game.  We did about even in the archery.  We played Madden 2010 for awhile, but we’re having trouble figuring the damn thing out.  Then we played “Call to Duty: World at War” with TJ and I taking turns spotting for each other.

Now it’s time for a break, have a couple drinks, then maybe some more bowling tonight.

Good, clean family fun!

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