My World of Parkinsonian Delights

What A Difference Half-a-Pill Makes!

I gotta tell ya, that extra half milligram of Klonopin at night has really made a difference.  Just had my third great night’s sleep in a row!

If you will recall, I started taking clonezapam (Klonopin) last year because of my REM Sleep Behavior Disorder — I would kick, punch, lash out, holler and otherwise disturb my wife while asleep.  The 1mg of Klonopin did the trick.  For awhile.

But then, earlier this week, I woke up kicking at my covers and shouting.  I contacted my neurologist and he suggested adding a half-tablet to my nightly bedtime regimen.


I still have the weird-ass dreams.  (For instance, last night I was in a huge auditorium with a bunch of my fellow XM Satellite Radio program directors and we were giving awards to each other.  Most of the awards looked like those big bowling trophies you see sometimes.  But when I got my award… it was a blue, ceramic bowling pin.  I was program director of the Broadway music channel from 2001 to 2003.  “WHAT THE HELL DOES A BOWLING PIN HAVE TO DO WITH BROADWAY?” I asked anyone who would listen.  Most just ignored me.  Then I woke up.)

The dreams are entertaining.  But I don’t miss the kicking and shouting.  Not a bit.

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