My World of Parkinsonian Delights

More Dreamy Madness

For some reason, my dead twin brother Bob and I, with a bunch of friends and relatives, decided to spend the night in a truly filthy dormitory in Milwaukee for a night before flying out to someplace else the next day.  This dormitory, which was dirty and grey and dark and had communal filthy bathrooms, charged $10.15 per night, per room.  We figured for that price, we could just sneak in, grab a room without paying, and nobody would really care.  The rooms were dark and filthy with bare mattresses on cot frames.  The bathrooms (there was one on each floor) had showers with no shower heads… just pipes coming out of the wall.  The toilets were caked with filth and mostly overflowing with excrement.  I decided it would serve the proprietors RIGHT if we stiffed them on paying to stay there.

Well, Bob’s conscience got the best of him, so he confessed to the dormitory manager, who promptly had him arrested.  My mom and dad (he’s been dead since 1983) were very disappointed that I let Bob get arrested, but I countered that if he had just kept his mouth shut everything would have been fine.

I went to visit Bob in jail and he was very sad and was blaming me for having the idea about sneaking into the dorm.  I turned to one of the friends who was with us (I think it was actually Joe Lieberman) and asked him to lie about having paid for the room.  But he wouldn’t do it.  So Bob had to stay in jail.  He was very sad.

Then Raven started whining about having to go potty and I was back in the here and now.


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