My World of Parkinsonian Delights

P.T. Reveals the Current Extent of PD Spazzery

So far, through my physical therapy, I’ve learned little things about myself, little tricks I can use to make my life with Parkinson’s disease easier.  She’s showed me ways to unfreeze myself when I get stuck.  She’s gotten me to try to keep my arms and torso loose when I walk.  She’s even loosened up my painful left shoulder.

Today, PT revealed the extent of what a frickin’ spaz I am.

Every time, they add a little something new.  Today, in addition to walking my “big boy” walk, taking large steps, leading with my heels, she had me look to the left and to the right with each step.

It was a nightmare.

I noticed this more than a year ago, that I was having trouble walking with someone, then turning to say something to him.  Today as I walked in that hallway, turning my head back and forth with each step, I froze, I had to grab stuff to keep from falling.  The therapist had to hold on to the back of my belt.  I was a total spaz.

Then she had me do it again, this time looking first up and then down as I walked.  Same thing.  Freeze.  Grab something to keep from falling.  Stumble.  Spaz.

She also had me stand with one foot directly in front of the other, first the right foot, then the left, between some balance bars.  I wove back and forth like a drunk.  I had to grab the bars to keep from falling.

Every now and then, it just slaps you in the face.  All the stuff you used to do without even thinking about, now you can’t do it without falling or freezing or looking brain-damaged.

Not a good day.  Not at all.

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