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Now We're Gettin' Somewhere

Got a call this afternoon from Animal Control.  Also got an e-mail from the assistant to the County Council Chairman.  Looks like SOME kind of action is going to be taken on the dangerous pit bull situation.

The Animal Control officer told me she had my phone number written incorrectly.  OK.  Whatever.  Anyhoo, she said that she was coordinating with the official from the Health Department (who didn’t want to come out alone because this dog has a reputation), and they’re going to come out together to assess the situation.  They don’t need to see Raven because the photo I sent with the e-mail was sufficient.

Do I think anything will be done?  Probably not, unless this bitch bites one of the officers.  But now we have a paper trail and if I ever so much as SEE that monster outside of its cage, I will call the cops.

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