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The Process Begins — Bye Bye Pit Bull?

Well, I waited until noon and didn’t get a call, so I called Animal Control at 1 pm and told them what happened on Saturday.

Here’s the upshot.

Tomorrow morning before noon, an Animal Control person is gonna come out here and take a look at Raven, then go across the street and take a look at the damnable pit bull.  I will give the officer all my collected evidence of what this dog has done to Raven in the past and share my fears of what will happen if that dog gets loose — again — and takes after a kid.

I also got a phone call from the Health Department.  They will look at the attacker and make sure sure it had its shots.  (Fat chance.)

Animal control will check the dog’s demeanor around people.  I will establish that no matter what they say they’re going to do to keep the dog under lock and key, it gets out and hurts my dog!  Raven is under home quarantine for 10 days.  No matter.  She never goes anywhere anyway.

I will be happy to see the owner get served with a citation, an eviction notice, as the dog gets loaded… frothing and snapping at the pole and rope around its miserable neck… on its way for an appointment with the needle and the landfill.

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