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My Case Against My Neighbor's Pit Bull

I’m expecting a call from Howard County Animal Control this morning.  If I don’t hear from them by noon, I will call them at 1.  I plan to be a huge pain in the ass about this.

Here’s my case…

Documented Attacks on our Dog by a Pit Bull Owned by our Neighbor in Lot 76

Our neighbor in Lot #76 has a history of keeping violent pit bulls.  In 2004, a dog he owned previously got into our yard and attacked an elderly German shepherd we owned.  In the fight, “Buddy” ended up paralyzing himself from the ribs back to his legs and had to be put to sleep.  I have no idea what happened to this dangerous dog, but he got another one shortly thereafter.

October 2005

Our black border collie, Raven, was chained in our yard, and my neighbor’s pit bull charged into the yard and attacked her.  No damage was done this time, but I was furious and told my neighbor that if I can keep MY dog on a chain, then HE could keep HIS dog on a chain as well.  He promised it would never happen again.  I informed trailer park management, they said they would “do something” about it.

April 10, 2007

Raven and our German shepherd pup, Shiloh, were chained in the yard.  My neighbor’s pit bull charged into our yard and immediately attacked Raven, biting her on the feet, drawing blood.  I was at work, but my stepson and Gail went out into the yard and separated the dogs and Gail pulled Raven back into the house.  The pit bull looked like he was thinking about charging at TJ as well and actually moved toward him.  TJ stood it down, and it reluctantly turned and went back to its yard. Gail called the police and an officer came over, explaining to her that shooting the dog would be against the law, but if it comes back into our yard and we happened to have a shovel handy, that would be a fine thing to smack the animal with.  The officer said he’d convey the info to Animal Control, but nothing ever came of it.   When I got home from work, I left messages for my neighbor that were never returned.  I informed our trailer park management who said they would “send him a letter.”  As a result, my neighbor built a chain link pen to keep his pit bull inside.

January 25, 2010

Raven After the January Attack

I took Raven, on her handheld leash, out to the yard so she could relieve herself.  Once again, out of nowhere, my neighbor’s pit bull charged into my yard and attacked her, biting her on the legs and feet.  This time, the pit bull actually broke Raven’s skin and drew blood.  We got them separated, and my stepson “stood down” the pit bull, which looked – again – like she was considering attacking but thought better of it.   I called Animal Control again, but this time I discontinued the call because I wanted to make absolutely sure we were talking about the same dog before I ratted him out – again.  Then two of my other neighbors, the girlfriend of the dog owner’s son and someone she lives with, came over — corralled the pit bull — and got the dog under control.  She told me the dog got out of its pen by climbing on a couch that was inside the pen and jumping over it.   I went over to my neighbor’s trailer.  Nobody was home.  I left a note on his door, and told the young girl that this was the third time in less than five years… and the next time would be the LAST time.  I informed trailer park management, who said they would send him another letter.”

May 1, 2010

Her most recent injury.

Gail took Raven out into the yard on her leash.  A neighbor came out of another neighbor’s trailer and asked permission to cross our yard.  Raven started barking at the neighbor, but Gail had her on her leash.  Then, from around the front corner of our trailer, the aforementioned pit bull charged Raven again, biting her feet and drawing blood.  My stepson and I went out and faced down the dog, which once again looked like it was thinking about charging us but thought better of it.  It wandered back over to my neighbor’s driveway.  My neighbor was not home at the time.  Since it was a Saturday, Animal Control was closed.  I called the Howard County Police and we were visited by Officer Stafford (Badge #5538) who assigned us a case number (10-41758).  He said he would relay the info to his sergeant who would contact Animal Control and we should hear something by Monday, May 3.  Once again, I contacted park management, who said they would send him another letter.


BOTTOM LINE: I dread to think what will happen if this neighbor is allowed to keep dangerous dogs, in violation of park rules.  I dread to think of what would have happened if either Gail or I hadn’t been there to get the dogs separated during each attack.  Given this dog’s aggressive and vicious nature, I dread to think what would happen if the dog encountered a child and the child ran away from it.  This dog needs to be removed from this trailer park and destroyed before a REAL tragedy occurs, and my neighbor needs to be enjoined against violation of park rules in the keeping of pit bulls.  This is not an isolated incident.  This dog has showed a remarkable ability to free itself from whatever restraints his owner places on her.  And whenever she gets the chance, she attacks.

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