My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Fun, Nitey-Nite Dream Time!

Here’s a thought that should strike terror into the hearts of my critics, but for a little while last night, I was President of the United States.  And I was DELIGHTED by this fact!  I had a bunch of my friends come join me for a visit in the Oval Office, and I told them all to find a seat, cuz we have LOTS of chairs and couches in the Oval Office.  I wondered if it would be OK to have a radio on in my office, then I remembered… I’m the PRESIDENT!  So I found a radio on a table along the wall and turned it to a music station.  My dead twin brother Bob joined me, and I told him I was going to make him Secretary of Sports and Comedy.  He seemed quite happy about that.

Then, I noticed my left eye was bleeding.  I have this mole — or whatever the hell it is — in the outer corner of my left eye.  And in the dream, it was bleeding.  I went to a bathroom and looked in the mirror and it seemed like the mole — or whatever the hell it is — had popped and was bleeding.  I poked and prodded for awhile, and then it came back, bigger and grander than ever, from under my lower eyelid.

Then there was a crack of thunder, and Raven started whining because she was very concerned with our safety.  “RAVEN!  LAY DOWN,” Gail growled.  And that was all for nitey-nite dream time.


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