My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Feels Like It's Gonna Be One of THOSE Days!

First thing I did this morning was fall.

I was lucky.  I fell right back onto my bed.

See, it was shortly after 6 am and Raven was crying.  She hadda go POOP!  Gail started getting out of bed, but I had to pee anyway, so I told her I’d take care of Raven.  I grabbed the handle of my walker, stood up, and fell backwards.  Landed on the bed, thank goodness.  Woulda been bad if I fell forward.  I would have anointed my head with the corner of the dresser.

Just now, I stood up from my recliner and really had to steady myself to keep from falling back into the chair.


It’s gonna be one of THOSE days.


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