My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Awakened by a Cartoon Dog?

So it’s just about 6:30 this morning and I’m laying there in that zone between awake and asleep.  My eyes are closed, and I hear a voice.  Not loud or obnoxious.  I wasn’t dreaming because there was no visual component.  The voice of a cartoon dog, almost like Disney’s “Goofy.”


Loud and clear as if it were right next to my bed.  Just the one word.  “Hello.”

I snapped my eyes open and looked around.  Gail and Raven were already up.  I was in the room by myself.

I figured I’d better get up before the voice started ordering me to set the house on fire.

I looked it up, and people with Parkinson’s disease who have visual hallucinations may also have the occasional auditory hallucination.  Like their visual counterparts, these hallucinations are rarely threatening or paranoid or “evil” in anyway.  And what could be less evil that a cartoon dog voice saying, “Hello”?

Ah, Parkinson’s disease.  You never fail to entertain.

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