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How Committed ARE We to a Cure?

I was looking at some of my blog readership numbers this morning, and I had something of a revelation.  I currently have 86 subscribers according to Feedburner.  I don’t think the number has ever been that high!  (And if you’d like to have this blog delivered to your e-mail inbox every morning, subscribing through Feedburner is a great way to get that done.)  Yesterday, I had 180 visitors to the blog (if you take the “Count Per Day” widget seriously — CyStats says that I had 633 visits yesterday.  People are finding this blog because they are interested in the topic of Parkinson’s disease and how one person who has the disease is handling it.

You all know that I have written a book about my experiences as a guy with PD and as a volunteer for experimental deep brain stimulation surgery.  You also know that I will not see a single penny from the sale of this book.  I have promised to donate the author’s cut from the sale of the book to PD research — the National Parkinson Foundation and the Charles DBS Research Fund at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (they funded the experimental surgery I underwent).

So, for me, this begs the question.

How committed are YOU to helping find a cure for PD?

I’ve sent free copies of my book to friends hoping that they’d write a review.  Nobody has done so yet.  You can post your reviews (once you’ve done them) either on Amazon, or, or Barnes & Noble, or Books-A-Million.

I’ve had a few folks I’ve met on the blog and Facebook buy copies.  And I am eternally grateful to them.

But I have 86 folks currently listed as subscribers to this blog.

If each of these subscribers would purchase a $5 PDF download of the book from, with the $2.81 cut the author gets from the sale, that would be a donation of $241.66 to PD research.  If each of these 86 subscribers decided they wanted to buy the $15 paperback version from Amazon, with the $5.44 cut the author gets from that sale, that would be a $467.84 donation to PD research.  (Amazon also has a Kindle version, but I’m not really sure what the author cut is from that yet.) And if those 86 subscribers were REALLY motivated and purchased the $35 hardcover from, with the $12.82 cut the author gets –– if the hardcover is sold through Lulu — that would be a $1,102.52 donation to PD research.  (If you buy the hardcover through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, that’s great too!  But the author cut is only $2.02 for that.  Still, it’s a donation!)

And consider the 180 visitors I had yesterday… If they all purchased the download, that’s a $505.80 to PD research.  $1,778.73 if you accept the Cystat figures!  For the paperback?  $979.20 ($3,443.52 if you accept Cystat.)  The hardcover through Lulu?  $2,307.60! ($8,115.06 via Cystat).

Once again, I don’t keep a penny of that money.  It gets split 50/50 for the charities mentioned above.  As will the proceeds from EVERYTHING I sell in Parky Bill’s PD Emporium and the Deep Brain Diary store.

Obviously, I don’t expect everyone who visits my blog to buy something.  But I offer it as something to think about.  You’re obviously interested in finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease.  You’re obviously interested in reading about my journey as a person with Parkinson’s and deep brain stimulation patient.  How about a few of you take some of that interest and turn it into something positive for PD research.

For those who already have, you have my eternal gratitude, as well as that of the National Parkinson Foundation and Dr. Charles and his incredible staff at Vanderbilt.

For those of you who haven’t?  Your engraved invitation is at the top of this post.

And thanks!

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