My World of Parkinsonian Delights

I Faw Down. Go Boom.

I’ve foiled yet another attempt by Parkinson’s disease to KILL me this morning.

I fell down today.  First time in quite some time.  Since last September or October, I believe.  I’ve had numerous close calls, but always managed to catch myself while still more-or-less vertical.

Not this morning.

Oh, I’m fine.  Didn’t hurt a thing.  Not even my pride.  I was practicing my “big boy walk” (which you can see for yourself on this video) when I froze (as you will see me do time and time again in the same video).  When one foot freezes, it’s a simple matter to get the unfrozen foot under you and center yourself, then start over.  When both feet freeze and you’re legs are in full stride (not the shuffling side-by-side little footie steps I’ve been doing), then your base of balance is skewed.  I tried freeing at least one of my feet and toppled over to my right, catching myself on the chair we have in front of our front room window.

Then I got up, assured Gail that I was fine, and finished my exercises.

I suppose I’ll have to tell my physical therapist about this when we see her this afternoon.  When I first started doing this “big boy walk” stuff, it was clear that I was overextending my stride in an exaggerated “John Cleese in the Ministry of Funny Walks” sketch sort of way.  With Gail’s advice, I shortened the stride to a more normal sort of walking step length.  But still… the feet freeze, I get stuck, and today I fell while trying to unstick myself.

Maybe I should wear a football helmet when I do this stuff…


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