My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Physical Therapy — IT BEGINS!

OK, the time for lollygagging is OVER!  Time to start physical therapy to see if we can improve any of my Parkinson’s disease-related balance and gait problems.  Gonna get as much out of this old Parky body as I can before it gives out on me all together.

Had my first appointment today.  Guess what.  I’m wobbly.  And slow.

After filling out paperwork and handing over my $30 co-pay, I met with the therapist.  We discussed my condition, she asked a bunch of questions, and she did some strength assessments.  Then, it was out into the gym so she could conduct the Berg Balance Scale.

We went through 15 different tests, and I scored a 42.  Here’s what that means…

Shumway-Cook et al found that an individual with a history of imbalance and a score of 42 on the BBS would have a 91 percent predicted probability of falling.

She gave me homework.  Twice a day, I must do this…

Practice rolling in bed (Count to three, throw your hand in the direction you want to roll, follow it.  Five times, each side).

Put my back against the wall, with my shoulder blades and butt plastered against the wall, reach up 10 times as big as I can, getting bigger with each try.

Walk in the hallway (I call this my BIG BOY walk) with big steps reaching with my heel with each step, 5 times up and down the hallway.

We’re also going to work on the pain and tightness in my left shoulder.

It feels good to be fighting this thing instead of just sitting around waiting for it to get worse.  I mean, I know it WILL get worse, but I’m gonna work this body while I’m still able to do so!

I go back on Wednesday, then three times a week.


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