My World of Parkinsonian Delights

Another Rough Night With the Stench of Death

I don’t think I got more than just a few hours sleep last night.  For one thing, I was terribly crampy.  My neck, my back, my hands, and especially my right calf.  I’d lay there, minding my own business, and ZING!  Try to sleep through THAT!  Seems like we’re right back to where we were before Dr. Grill switched me from Sinemet to Stalevo for my Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

Then, there was just this generalized feeling of anxiety.  What was I anxious about?  NOTHING!  But my mind just felt uneasy and I tried to rummage through my brain looking for reasons for it… found none.

I know I was awake until Gail took the girlies out for the first time at 12:55 am.  After that, I just told myself, “Screw this.  I don’t really care if I sleep or not.  I’m comfortable.  The cramps are easing up, and it’s not like I have to drive to work in the morning or anything like that…”  Then, I drifted off to sleep.

I’m feeling moderately OK this morning.  Even though the house reeks of death.

That’s right.  Something crawled under our trailer while we were on vacation… and died.  Both Gail and TJ went under the trailer yesterday to see if they could spot the offending corpse.  Nothing.  Our old neighbor Jim said it is likely a raccoon.  “I seen ’em around here, and they like to get up under and into the insulation,” he said.  “It’ll stink for about two weeks.”

Wonderful.  The stench of death for two weeks.  Just lovely.

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