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I Got Yer "Socialism". Right Here!

Gonna go to bed in a few… but this is on my mind and I gotta write about it or I’ll have trouble getting to sleep.

I really get dismayed by otherwise good people who feel their “freedoms” are being taken from them because Obama got a watered-down health care bill through congress.  Honestly, what “freedom” is being taken from you?

Freedom to be irresponsible? Because that’s what you are when you don’t have health insurance. Break a leg, get sick, go to the ER, and don’t pay your thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars? Guess who has to pick up the tab! THAT’s more “socialist” than anything in this bill.

Being forced to purchase insurance?   No. You are not. There is no enforcement mechanism in the bill. The bill says you are subject to being fined if you don’t, but there’s no mechanism to ENFORCE the rule. For every law, there has to be an enforcement provision.  This bill HAS no enforcement provision. So you can keep right on being irresponsible and keep your fingers crossed that the tumor fairy is somewhere else for the rest of your life or until you grow up and get insurance.
(Actually, that might be a bit unfair.  Before I got this job, the places I worked didn’t OFFER health insurance, and if they did it was so high priced that none of the employees took it.  This bill fixes THAT, too!)
Uninformed people bitching about “Socialism.” Ready to give up your Social Security? Your Medicare? Your disability income? How about your military? How about your roads, and clean water, and clean, safe food. Ready to give that up, too? It’s being paid for with YOUR MONEY which has been TAKEN from you by SOCIALISTS for over 100 years now.

You sat silently when Bush shat all over your 4th Amendment rights. But now that Rush and Beck and Hannity TELL you that your “freedoms” are being taken, you swallow it like it was gravy on a spoon.

Tell ya what. Wanna bitch about “socialism?”

Respond to this post with a list of things that you’re getting right now that you will gladly give up to “regain” these “freedoms” that are being “stolen” from you.


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