My World of Parkinsonian Delights

My Family is AWESOME!

This has been, without a doubt, a wonderful vacation.  After Gail and I trekked around the Southridge Mall yesterday (talk about a walk down memory lane), we picked up some grub at Culver’s (mmmmmmm….. CULVER’S!) and meandered to my Mom’s place.

When we got there, she and her walker were down in the lobby.  She was giving away jigsaw puzzles to some of her neighbors and to the mailman.  She is the most loving, caring, selfless mother a person could ever have.  Gail and I love her so much.

Then Becki came over, bringing her good boy Bobby with her.  Bobby loves his Uncle Bill, but ESPECIALLY his Aunt Gail!  And James the Cat came out of hiding to rub up against Gail to show her his undying love.

By about 6pm, I was just physically drained.  So we headed back to the hotel.

The plan for today — hang out here until lunchtime, go get some grub, then schlep over to Muz’s place again.  Bexter will join us at around 6, and we’re going out for pizza at this little hole in the wall dive that looks like the sort of place Tony Soprano and his boys would hang out… but the pizza is fabulous.

Tomorrow, we go home.  But this has been a wonderful vacation!


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