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Did God Tell Him Where My KEYS Are?

I hope I’m wrong about this.  I really do.  And maybe this is just the old journalist (cynic) showing through.

But I just have this feeling that there’s more to the story about this dude finding the little missing girl in the Florida swamp yesterday.

It’s a wonderful story to take at face value.  James King was part of the search party for the four days little Nadia Bloom was missing.  And all of a sudden, he gets a bug to get up early Tuesday, strike out to a part of the swamp where nobody had thought to search, and BINGO!  There she is — mosquito-bit, dehydrated, but otherwise fine.

See, it wasn’t luck.  It wasn’t a hunch that led him to the little girl.

God told him where she was.

“I didn’t know where she was. The only person who knew where she was was God, and I asked Him and He led me directly to her, straight – well, as straight as you can go through the swamp.”

King said he prayed the whole time he was searching, even when it seemed like he was going in the wrong direction. In one case, he said, there was water all around and he didn’t know where to go.

“He said, ‘Go that way.’ And I’m looking at water. I said, ‘Lord, are you sure?’ He said. ‘I got ya.’ And as soon as I start walking, the ground under the water is solid. It’s only about a foot and a half deep. He took care of me all the way there.”

OK, see… here’s where the old cynical reporter starts asking questions.

1.  Why did God wait four days to tell you where she was?

2.  When you were out with other search parties, why didn’t God tell you THEN where she was?

3.  Why didn’t God tell anyone ELSE… her PARENTS, for instance… where she was?

4.  Did God speak to you in a human voice?  You quote Him in this story as if he did.

5.  Why did God choose THIS guy to save THIS little girl when so many of these stories have such sad endings?

Again, here’s my problem.  I believe there is a God.  I honestly do.  But I do not believe God takes a direct stand in the issues of the day here in America, the planet, or any other area of human endeavor.  I believe God grants us the strength to deal with the challenges we face, but I don’t think God PUTS those challenges in front of us.  I believe God created the universe and everything that happens is of a random nature.  I don’t believe God will cure my Parkinson’s if I ask him to, but he won’t cure YOURS if YOU ask him to.  I don’t believe God cured anyone’s cancer at a faith healer rally but allowed my brother, my sister, my father to die anyway even though THEIR faith — in my opinion — was just as great.  I don’t believe Pat Robertson can pray a hurricane away from his 700 Club studios only to have it hit further up the coast, killing hundreds who — presumably — weren’t as righteous as Pat.

And I just have a basic, fundamental problem believing that this guy got up Tuesday morning and used God as his personal GPS to lead him to this little girl.

I think there’s a good moral in The Book of Job that urges me to not state, unequivocally, that God had no hand in this whatsoever.  We are no more capable of understanding the nature of the Almighty than our pets are in understanding why we don’t want them to bark at people or why pooping on the floor is a bad thing.  Our limited, mortal minds are not capable of understanding infinity and omnipotence.  As the Lord “told” Job when Job asked what the deal was with all the boils and the killing of his family and cattle and all that, “I did it because I could.  And by the way, where were YOU when I was creating the universe?  Huh?  Wise guy?”

So who knows… maybe this guy DID hear God’s voice directing him to this lucky kid.  But then again, my mind runs back to the five questions I asked earlier.

And God says, “where were YOU when I created the mountains and the seas?”

And I reply, I’m thrilled he found her.  I’m glad she’s OK.  But You could have save the family a lot of heartache by telling THEM where she was right from the git-go.

But I’m a mortal with a mortal mind.  A mortal who thinks there might be something fishy going on here.

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